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Staff Ranks

Post by DaBoss on Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:28 am

So just not to confuse you all with all out different staff ranks, we have decided to post up in this topic all our ranks in order and also a little saying about each one. The lowest ranks are listed first:

Trial Mod - These Users are Being trained/tested to become Staff

Events Co-ordinator - This Person Organizes and runs events of MMO's and other multiplier games, Please contact Him if your have an event suggestion.

Moderators - Moderates Forums

Admin - Also moderates forums + watches staff to make sure there doing there best

Manager - Watches everyone and everything so the owners don't have to do as much + also does inner work on forum

Owners - Same as moderator however works on the forum itself to improve the looks of the forum and make it the best of its ability

Anymore questions just contact us Smiling

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